Are You Ready to Make the

to Plan for Success & Achieve Your


Jessica Edwards, Owner and Founder of Meticulous Jess® Marketing Agency LLC has created the Success © Plan to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals, no matter how lofty they are!

Are you tired of buying into plans, books, seminars, etc. about success that just don’t work?
They turn out to be unrealistic, unhelpful, or plain useless!

Jessica created this Workshop, Presentation, and Workbook to guide entrepreneurs through this Plan in detail so they feel more empowered to start implementing it right away! This whole concept was meticulously created to help you apply your real-life circumstances to a Plan you can really follow!

Are You Ready to Get Started and Achieve Your Goals?

You can download the Workbook below to use over and over again as your circumstances change OR book Jess to present the Success © Plan at your business, organization, or school today!
By the way, the Workbook is included for each participant during the Workshop.

Online Course Coming Soon!

Start Achieving Your Goals and Purchase Your C.H.O.I.C.E Plan Workbook Now!

Read our exclusive sneak peek into the Success © Plan by reading our blog post where I discuss Step 1 of the Plan, Choose Goals.